District Solo & Ensemble Festival

Junior High/Middle School Eligibility

  • Sixth grade students may participate as soloists and perform one piece at S&E for comments only.
  • Seventh, eighth and ninth grade students may participate as soloists and must perform two pieces to receive a Final Determination but may opt for comments only or one piece to receive comments only. Directors must inform festival management if the soloist is performing for comments only.
  • Sixth graders may participate in ensembles that include seventh and eighth grade students.
  • Seventh, eighth, and ninth grade students may participate in ensembles for Final Determination or comments only.


    • The director who represents the school membership must complete applications for students.
    • Registration is completed online using the Festival Scheduler. For login information click here. Online scheduling questions should be directed to Andrea Gay at AndreaGay@msvma.orgFor technical issues such as password reset, contact emileigh@msvma.org.

        Registration Fees

        • Fees: $20 Solo                $30 Small Ensemble (2-6)                $50 Large Ensemble (7-20)

        Payment can be made by:

        • School, booster, or director’s personal check payable to MSVMA

        • Credit card on the scheduling website or by calling 231.592.9344

        • Purchase order submitted by the postmark deadline

        Your events will not be scheduled unless we receive your signed invoice with payment or purchase order postmarked by the deadline. If the purchase order payment has not been received by the first day of the festival, your events will not perform. 

        Invoices and payment should be mailed to the address printed on the invoice. Fees are non-refundable. Returned checks are subject to a $15 fee. Late registration will be available with a $50/event fee for choral festival or a $20/event fee for S&E for seven days after the deadline but must be paid by credit card only.


        • Soloists must sing two age appropriate songs of contrasting nature. These songs should be from the art song, oratorio, or operatic repertory, but only one post-baroque aria may be performed.* 
        • When choosing literature, soloists can use this Suggested Solo Repertoire as a guide. There is no longer a required list for soloists. 
        • See under district festival documents (on the right side of page) to view repertoire lists.
        • If multiple strophic verses are included in the original work, it is acceptable to select two (or more if needed) in the interest of time
        • If an original work repeats without any changes to text or musical content, it is acceptable to eliminate the repeat sign in the interest of time (da capo arias)
        • Accompanists are encouraged to reduce lengthy introductions and interludes in the interest of time.
        • Popular, show/musical tunes, vocal jazz, barbershop novelty selections, and minstrel songs are not acceptable and will result in a ‘no rating’. 
        • If public domain or copies of music purchased online is used, printed proof of origin is required and must be in the performance room during the performance. Failure to do so will result in a ‘no rating’.

        Festival Performance of Original Arrangements

        • All copyright laws will apply.  This includes use of copyrighted texts.
        • In order to perform an arrangement of a copyrighted piece, you must have written permission that includes all pertinent information.
        • Adjudicators are required to comment on the quality of literature for all Choral Festival events.
        • All other MSVMA Festival literature requirements apply.
        • Two original copies of each song are required in the performance room, and measures must be clearly numbered. Failure to do so will result in a no rating.
        • At State Solo & Ensemble, Soloists will be allowed 15 minutes for warm-up, 15 minutes for performance and 7.5 minutes for sight reading. 

        *An art song is usually written for one voice with piano accompaniment in the classical art music tradition. In German it is called lieder; in French, chanson.  An art song is a complete composition in itself and is not part of a larger work such as an opera or oratorio. 


        • Soloists must perform from memory to receive a final determination.
        • Ensembles may use music.
        • Instrumental accompaniment other than piano is allowed but must not detract from the performance.
        • Small ensembles consist of 2 – 5 singers.
        • Large ensembles consist of 6 – 20 singers.
        • The personnel of the ensemble shall not change between the performance and sight reading rooms.
        • The personnel of the ensemble shall not change from one selection to the other.
        • Performance time may not exceed 8 minutes.
        • Choreography is not allowed. However, artful staging and appropriate choral movement that reflect performance practice of the genre is allowed.
        • An original score of each piece with the measures numbered must be provided for the judge in order to earn a final determination.
        • Directors and accompanists may not conduct and/or play for more than 5 events on Friday, and no more than 5 events on Saturday morning or afternoon. 
        • Students may participate in up to 5 events, with no more than 3 occurring on Friday, Saturday morning or afternoon.

        Final Determination

          l Excellent  30-24
          ll Good  23-18
          lll Fair  17-12
          lV  11-6

        State Solo & Ensemble Festival Qualification

        • Soloists with a score of 23 or higher  
        • Ensembles with a final determination of Excellent

        For more information on festival participation, click here.

            Online scheduling questions should be directed to Andrea Gay at andreagay@msvma.org.

            For technical issues such as password reset, contact emileigh@msvma.org.


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