Student leadership in the choral classroom provides the opportunity for emerging leaders to set the pace musically, organizationally and inspirationally within their choir community. Recognizing the potential of young people early offers them time to consider the type of leadership style that fits with their values and beliefs. Consciously considering the leadership styles that they are experiencing in their daily lives creates an awareness of effective leadership and its impact. MSVMA has created a conference experience designed to encourage and develop the leadership skills and knowledge of our high school and college student leaders. MSVMA members will serve as facilitators for related sessions.


Provide an inspirational and educational experience for high school and college students focused on examining, developing and enhancing leadership skills. 


Students will:

  • Create a personal strategic plan for living leadership that includes specific goals.

  • Learn to communicate in ways that motivate and encourage listeners.

  • Explore the dynamics and the strategies of win-win negotiation and conflict solution.

  • Examine the power of teamwork and how to encourage collaboration in a group.

  • Evaluate personal leadership strengths and identify those areas that they wish to improve.

Students will apply these outcomes in their choral experience to: 

  • Lead effectively in formal and informal roles in their choirs, ensembles and sections.

  • Interact with peers and professionals from other schools and develop confidence in their skills as leaders and as followers.

  • Understand the art of singing in community and be able to articulate their standards of excellence to other singers.

  • Recognize the potential for their leadership roles in future ensembles at the university and community levels.

  • Connect with MSVMA mentors and gain an understanding of MSVMA and its mission.


High school directors may send any number of student leaders. Please complete the registration form and submit your payment by credit card or check by June 1, 2023.

Cost is $50 per student and will include CSLC Conference materials and lunch. 

Invoices and checks should be mailed to:


P.O. Box 1131
Big Rapids, MI  49307

Choir Director/School Responsibilities
Directors/Schools are responsible to provide one adult/chaperone for students attending. Since students will be involved throughout the day, contact information for the “chaperone” will be requested in case there is an emergency and they need to be reached during the conference. If the choral director is attending the CSLC, they can be listed as the “chaperone” on the registration form.

*Registration fees are non-refundable

Coty Raven Morris, Headliner

Portland State University

Coty Raven Morris  is a proud alumnus of Texas State University - San Marcos where she studied with Drs. Lynn Brinckmeyer and Joey Martin. She received her Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from Michigan State University in the Spring of 2020 under Drs. David Rayl, Jonathan Reed, and Sandra Snow. 

She is currently the Hinckley Visiting Assistant Professor of Choir, Music Education, and Social Justice at Portland State University. Prior to this, she was the Director of Choirs at Crosby High School in the Houston area and has served as the Outreach Choir Director at the MSU Community Music School and Music Director at Grand Ledge United Methodist Church. Her choirs received consistent Sweepstakes and Division I ratings at UIL and choral festivals. 

Morris was the recipient of the Hays CISD Linebarger Academic Recognition Award for 2013 and Galena Park ISD's Dazzling Diamond Award in  2014, 2016, 2017, and 2018  for outstanding mentorship and leadership in her field. She is the Northwest Choral representative for the National Association for Music Education as well as the Community Choir Chair for Northwest  region of the American Choral Directors Association.

A newly published author and composer, Morris is a sought after clinician and speaker across the country. She has recently served as the Clinician and Headliner for Florida ACDA, Washington MEA, and Minnesota ACDA as well as the Keynote speaker for the city of Lake Oswego’s Juneteenth festival. Her future engagements include the Alaska All State Treble Choir and the Oregon Middle School Tenor Bass Choir. Morris has been a choir member of the South Texas Vocal Artists and Mirabai and has devoted over a decade of summers to working as a camp director at the Texas State, Northeastern and Lamar University summer camps.

Coty Raven Morris the Founder of Being Human Together, a budding community rooted in music education striving to normalize difficult topics in our field through conversation and connection. BHT seeks to discuss traditionally taboo topics like mental health, systemic oppression, diversity, and inclusivity. And… She is also an avid boxer!

Wendee Wolf-Schlarf

Choral Student Leadership Coordinator

Wednesday, June 21, 2023

9 AM - 4:30 PM

Eastern Michigan University

Honors College Auditorium and Reception Hall

Coty Raven Morris



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